Skeeter Syndrome Symptoms & Treatment

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Here in this blog, i like to share all that i know about Skeeter Syndrome, the symptoms, and all the known treatment.

I wrote this blog because of my Personal experience and having just one precious princess. She is my everything ( and my wife too).
We were very worried during that time because of the lack of knowledge and there are very little good information online. So after my research and crawling through lots of website and blogs, i manage to find my answer and some of the method recommended are useful while some are useless. I want to share in this blog what is important and step-by-step what we should do.

1) Always look through your child body to see if there is any incest or mosquito bites after they have played outdoor

2) Never overlook that it is just a common bite – This is one mistake i made during my first encounter. I thought it is just a common bite. Pls understand the Sign and Symptoms of Skeeter Syndrome. Not all children will have the reaction immediately. Some may take about half a day to appear which happen to my child. And my experience is that the earlier you start to treat the affected areas , the easy you can control them.
So bear in mind, take all bites with care, apply some medicines immediate and monitor closely every now and then.

3) Don’t Panic if Skeeter Syndrome Symptoms appear – If this is your first encounter, you can try some of the treatment i suggest below this post, if not you can bring the child to the doctor immediate. Do access the seriousness of the wound. If it is swollen with blister or bruise, pls see a doctor as there may be some inflammation with the wound already. If it is just a red big bump, you can try my suggested treatment.

4) Try to prevent your child from scratching the affected area. Excessive scratching will cause the affected area to get worsen.I read in a book that Itchiness is actually the first signs of damage skin.

5) Keep the affected area clean at all time.

6) Prevent your child from further mosquito attacks.

There are many products out there like anti-mosquito repellent, anti-mosquito patches & wristband ( pls buy the branded ones cause my experience with the cheap ones that the effectiveness is shorter than what they claim) and also you can try some of the small gadget that give out a high pitch frequency that mosquito hates.
I always bring this kind of anti-mosquito wipes wherever i go, it is quite handy.


Skeeter Syndrome Treatment

If you are looking medicine Treatment, you can try taking Benadryl Child Cherry Allergy Syrup and use Hydrocortisone Cream.

Benadryl Child Cherry Allergy Syrup


Hydrocortisone Cream


If you are looking for a more natural treatment which is proven very effective with my child ( as you read about in my earlier post about my first encounter) , you can try “Melaleuca Alternifolia” by doTERRA brand. These are actually high quality therapeutic grade oil. They are extracts of plants from the native regions.
I bought mine from Amazon. You can click onto the link below to redirect you to the product. You should try this and it is a MUST HAVE in your First Aids Kit.

This is a video introduction about this essential oil that i manage to find from youTube. Enjoy..


10 MUST HAVE products to protect your children from Mosquito bite again.

Prevention is always better than cure. There are some of the preventive measures you can take and protect your child from future encounter.

1) Pigeon Anti-Mosquito Wet Tissue Deet-Free Formula

PIGEON was founded in Japan in 1957, The company has grown steadily with a strong brand presence in more than 40 countries.
Today, PIGEON is a market leader in baby and mother care products.

This is a very good product that is small and portable. I will always have this in the diaper bag. and most important , this product is safe for Children as small as 6 months old.

2) Anti Mosquito Patch and wristband – These are pretty useful too. I use them a lot. But only go for the branded ones as they will last longer. My personal favorite is the band “BUGSLOCK“, they are from Korea and one of the leader in anti-mosquito wristband.

3) Personal Sonic Mosquito Repeller – This is also my personal favourite, a MUST HAVE gadget in your bag. Very small and battery-operated, yet very effective. This kind of Mosquito Repeller uses an advanced frequency technology to repel the mosquito and insect but it cannot be hear by our hear. Totally SAFE for baby and Children.

4) Pororo Ice Gel Band (Band Aid) for Mosquito and Insect Bite – This help to sooth pain and itchness of mosquito and insects bite, And most importantly, it prevents the children from scratching the wound and prevents infection

5) Manouka Baby Anti-Mosquitoes Spray – You can spray this in your baby room, it gives a light and pleasant perfume smell and offers about 6 hours of effective protection. Very Safe for Baby. I have not personally use this before but i know of a friend who has once recommended me.

6) Insect Repellent – Try look for those DEET-free and Non-Toxic, Non-greasy formula if your children is prone to Skeeter Syndrome.

Insect Repellent with SPF – Ideal if your children is going to play outdoor under the sun.

7) Sawyer Premium Permethrin Clothing Insect Repellent Trigger Spray – Can spray on must fabric. Very safe and last for 6 weeks or 6 washes. The ingredient, Permethrin is a contact insecticide. It kills ticks or other insects when it comes in contact. It is also an effective repellent against mosquitoes and flies. It can be used on clothing, tents, and other gear. This is quite a top seller items and if you like outdoor camping with your kids, this is a MUST HAVE item.

8) Wall Mount Ultrasonic Anti Mosquito Repeller – I will highly recommend this for all the room. I have one in each room plugged at the socket near the window. Like the personal handheld one, it uses an advanced frequency technology to repel the mosquito and insect.  

9) Indoor/Outdoor Cordless Rechargeable Bug Zapper – This is a nice portable unit which is cordless. The alluring ultraviolet light attracts mosquitoes, flies and gnats away from you and zaps them upon contact. Specially Ideal for outdoor activities at night.

10) Mosquito Netting for Baby Bed Crip, Playpen & Stroller – Very useful item, will protect your children while they are sleeping.


Hope this blog help you.
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8 Natural Remedies for Normal Mosquito Bites

A little sidetrack from skeeter syndrome, here are 8 Natural Remedies for Normal Mosquito Bites.

1. Vinegar

Apply a small amount of vinegar directly to the bump. I would personally recommend using organic apple cider vinegar.

2. Aloe Vera

Aloe vera is another excellent treatment for mosquito bites. It not only ease the itching and swelling, it also help to heal the wound.Just cut the Aloe and apply the fresh gel directly to the bump.

3. A Dry Bar of Soap

Another remedy for mosquito bites is to rub a bar of dry soap directly on the bite. This will help provide temporary relief to the itching. Remember to wash it off thoroughly after the itch fades away.

4. Onion

Cut and place a fresh slice of onion on the bump for a few minutes until the itching subsides. Remember to wash the area thoroughly afterwards.

5. Toothpaste

Try applying a small amount of all-natural peppermint toothpaste. Allow the paste to dry and leave for as long as desired. I do this all the time when i am still in the Army during outfield. Proven very useful.

6. Raw Honey

Simply, take a small amount of honey and apply directly to the bite. Honey also has anti-microbial properties that can help prevent infection. I would personally recommend using local raw honey.

7. Essential oils

There are many essential oil that can help provide temporary relief and treatment for mosquito bites. You can use Tea Tree oil. Take a small amount and dilute it with water, then apply directly to the bump.

8. Garlic

Try rubbing a piece of raw garlic on the wound. It is possible that you will feel a small amount of mild burning, but you should feel some major relief afterwards. This is not one that I use with my children, and is wise for to use caution when using this natural remedy. The smell of garlic will also help repel the mosquitoes from biting you more later.

If you enjoy Natural Remedies or Treatment, you can grab some Ebook available online. I have read a few and you can lookup for “Natural Home Remedies For Better Health” by Charles Silverman  & “Aloe – Your Miracle Doctor” by Yulia Berry.


Skeeter Syndrome Case Study

Hi All,

This is a Skeeter Syndrome Case Study taken from a publication of The American College of Allergy, Asthma & Immunology
Report is published on January-February 2000


“Skeeter Syndrome” Describes Local  Allergic Reactions to Mosquito Bites

and other patients may develop severe reactions to mosquito bites, consisting of a large local inflammatory reaction with fever. Although often presumed to be infectious in nature, these reactions actually result from allergenic polypeptides in the saliva of mosquitoes. The authors describe five cases of such reactions, which they term “skeeter syndrome,” in 2- to 4-year-old children. All patients developed a large local inflammatory reaction at the site of a witnessed mosquito bite. The reactions developed within hours after the bite, and were diagnosed by primary care physicians as cellulitis.

After a period of months, the children were referred to the allergy clinic of a children’s hospital. There the diagnosis of skeeter syndrome was confirmed using an indirect enzyme-linked immunosorbent assay to measure specific IgE and IgG to salivary gland antigens of the mosquito species predominant in the area. Serum concentrations of these specific immunoglobulins were significantly elevated in the children with

Skeeter Syndrome, compared to control children with typical local reactions to mosquito bites. Clinical examination alone cannot differentiate between inflammation caused by an allergic response to a mosquito bite versus that caused by infection. Specific IgE and IgG play a key role in mosquito allergy. Local inflammatory reactions caused by allergy to mosquitoes appear to have a good prognosis, although long-term prospective studies are needed. Exposure to mosquitoes must be minimized for patients with such severe reactions.

A common manifestation of mosquito bites in young children is a large local reaction at the site of the bite. Many of these reactions are extensive and thought to be “cellulitis.” Simons and Peng describe this condition as “skeeter syndrome” and document increased levels of IgE and the different IgG sub-classes to Aedes species compared to controls. Recognition of this condition should prevent unnecessary evaluations and use of antibiotics.


M. S. B.
Simons FER, Peng Z: Skeeter syndrome.
J Allergy Clin Immunol
104:705-707, 1999

Source from Wikipedia

What is Skeeter Syndrome? What are the Skeeter Syndrome Symptoms like?

What is Skeeter Syndrome?

Skeeter Syndrome is a severe, localized allergic reaction to mosquito bites, consisting of inflammation and fever. It is caused by allergenic polypeptides in mosquito saliva and is therefore not contagious.

What are the Skeeter Syndrome Symptoms like?

Here are some of Skeeter Syndrome photos and Skeeter Syndrome picture of how the Symptoms look like :

Skeeter Syndrome_allergy_01 Skeeter Syndrome_allergy_03 Skeeter Syndrome_allergy_02  Skeeter Syndrome_allergy_04Mela Roller Ball

The symptoms vary from case to case. In some cases, it swollen immediately. And in other, the symptoms take a little while to appear, sometime up to a day or so. (and at first it will look like just a mosquito bite.)

The most common symptoms include:

  • Swelling and itchiness
  • Red lump appears on the area of the bite.
  • Swelling and large bumps appear on different areas of the body other than the bite area.
  • Bruises and blisters appear.
  • In rare cases, angioedema and anaphylaxis develop.
  •  Occasionally, asthma occurs.
  • Infections happen due to excessive scratching.

Click on my other posts on some case studies and the types of treatments available that is effective.


What is Skeeter Syndrome?


1st Encounter with Skeeter Syndrome

Hi All,

I decided to write this blog because i find that these are very useful information that i have found thru my research and reading.

I first encounter with Skeeter Syndrome with children when i first took my daughter to the park to play. When we are heading home , we realized that there was some insect bites at her leg. It was swollen. I applied some calamine lotions and thought it is not serious. But the next day, the swollen became worse.

After seeing the doctor, we then know that this is known as Skeeter Syndrome. The doctor had prescribe some medicines & a tube of cream which contains antibiotics as Skeeter syndrome treatment, It wasn’t very effective and the swollen went on for a few days.
We went back the doctor again and was then given another type of cream. After a few days , there wasn’t much progress. We went back to the doctor again. We had try quite a number of creams but it wasn’t very effective.

These are the creams prescribed :

medicine3 medicine4 medicine5 medicine6

I decided to go on looking for some answers an other treatment. After doing some research, i found out that there are some natural remedies to treat this. We go on to try some of them and we found that they are indeed much effective than what the doctor prescribe.

After a month or so later, we encounter the same Skeeter Syndrome symptoms and this time, we immediately apply the natural remedies treatment i have found,  it only takes 1 days for the swollen subside.

I find this is really useful and would like to share with the worried Dad and Mom out there who may face the same problem as me.
Hope this help you.